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Die Casting Process
  • Molding Service
  • Rapid Prototype Service
  • Pressure Die Casting Service
  • Low Volume Manufacturing
  • CNC Machining Service
  • Surface Finishing
  • With molding, you can easily create intricate shapes for your custom parts and products in a simple process. Companies that need to produce repeatable parts with strict mechanical requirements choose molding.

  • Rapid prototyping is a group of 3D printing techniques that work by quickly crafting 3D models to scale from Computer Assisted Design (CAD) files through fast fabrication or assembly technologies.

  • Using pressure die casting, metal components that have tight tolerances and are net-shaped can be produced quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Under high pressure, molten metal alloys are injected into steel molds (or tools) during pressure die casting.
  • Low-volume manufacturing is a specialised service which produces high-quality parts in short quantities, typically less than 100,000 parts, depending on the manufacturing process.
    By manufacturing low volumes, our customers spend less time and money on tooling and materials, and get to market quicker. Moreover, it can respond more quickly to shorter product life cycles, which are crucial between prototyping and mass production.
  • CNC machined parts are manufactured by removing a thin layer of material from digital 3D designs. CNC machines are used in a wide range of industries to produce parts and prototypes.
  • All the steps required to turn semifinished shapes into finished products are included in secondary finishing. Among them are reheating, surface conditioning, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treating, surface coating, cooling, cutting, coiling, sizing, etc.
Pressure Die Casting
We can provide high-pressure die casting or low-pressure die casting according to your production needs to ensure product quality. High-pressure casting uses a hydraulic cylinder to drive the injection head to press the metal liquid into the mold cavity at high speed. Because it uses oil pressure and the pressure is high, it is commonly known as high-pressure casting; while low-pressure casting uses air pressure to hydraulically press the metal into the mold cavity, The air pressure is generally 0-2Kg/cm2, so it is generally called low-pressure casting.

Low Pressure Die Casting

Ⅰ. Lower pressure, generally less than 0.08MPa
Ⅱ. The molten metal flows relatively smoothly
Ⅲ. The cavity can be metal, sand, etc. (lower requirements for cavity materials)
Ⅳ. Can produce small and medium castings and large castings
Ⅴ. Castings can be heat treated

High Pressure Die Casting

Ⅰ. High pressure, up to several hundred MPa
Ⅱ. The flow of molten metal in the cavity is relatively unstable
Ⅲ. The cavity can only be metal
Ⅳ. Usually used to produce small and medium-sized castings
Ⅴ. No or incomplete heat treatment strengthened castings
Hot Chamber and Cold Chamber
We are professional die casting manufacturer with both hot chamber and cold chamber machinery

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine


Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Surface Finishing
Surface Treatment with Polishing, Sandblasting, Painting, Spray Coating, powder coating, anodized and so on.
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