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Aluminum Alloy Ingot
The advantages of aluminum alloy material
  • Aluminum alloys are used in die casting more extensively than alloys of any other base metal. The advantages of die cast aluminum products are that they are lightweight and have high temperature tolerances when compared to die cast products made with standard alloys.
  • Besides its outstanding strength and rigidity properties, aluminum alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation properties as well. Aluminium die castings are used for a wide range of products, including kitchenware, streetlight housings, medical equipment, engine housings, and automotive, marine, and aircraft hardware.
  • A wide range of liquids and weather conditions can be tolerated by aluminum. Since aluminum is highly reflective, it is used for decorative purposes. Alloys of aluminum can be stronger than regular construction steel. An advantage of aluminum in structures subjected to shock loads is its high elasticity. Despite its toughness, aluminum does not become brittle at very low temperatures like carbon steel does
Aluminum alloy Products
Modern Aluminum Die Casting

During die casting, molten aluminum is forced into a die using pressure. With this procedure, mass quantities of parts can be produced with a minimal amount of finishing and machining. Most of the cost of dent casting is accounted for by tooling and die creation. There are two types of die casting: low and high pressure, where high pressure requires a complex die, and low pressure requires a simple one.
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