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Zinc Alloy Ingot
The advantages of zinc alloy material
  • Zinc alloys are stronger than other materials, such as plastics or aluminum or magnesium. This means zinc castings may be produced with thinner walls and less material to optimize tensile strength in ways other materials cannot. For example, aluminum’s cost per pound may “appear” less, its castings may require more material and cost for the same strength​​​​​​​
  • Zinc alloys require lower melting temperatures, higher-pressure injection, and have a higher cycle rate. The cycle rate is 150-200% higher than other competing materials, such as aluminum. Where aluminum is ladled into a mold, we are able to inject zinc at much higher rates. Die cast zinc alloys solidify rapidly. This allows us to produce more parts in the same amount of time and pass along cost savings to our customers​​​​​​​
  • Zinc alloys allow us to produce high quality parts with tighter tolerances than aluminum or plastic. Zinc’s fluidity provides increased precision compared to other materials allowing designs that do not require additional expensive machining and/or additional operations. ​​​​​​​
Zinc alloy Products
Professional spirit

Zinc strength, ductility and stability allows specialists to obtain a better and more resistant product. It is this high ductility that makes zinc ideal for die casting process, in which it is necessary to sustain pressure and expansion without fracturing.the dimension accuracy is excellent.Zinc alloy always used in toys, arts and crafts,furniture, hardware,phone, computer,TV,connector housing, gears,garniture,automobile,etc......
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