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How to effectively clean OEM die casting?

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Die casting is a metal casting process which is characterised by the use of a mould cavity to apply high pressure to molten metal. The mould is usually machined from a stronger alloy and the process is somewhat similar to injection moulding. The die casting process has many advantages, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. The product we are introducing today is OEM die casting, which is a product of modern developments in the die casting process. This article will focus on the cleaning and maintenance of OEM die casting.



How to clean OEM die casting?

How to extend the life of OEM die casting?

The development history of OEM die casting


How to clean OEM die casting?

After a period of use, the OEM die casting must be regularly fixed west. The specific steps are as follows, aluminium OEM die casting will surface residue a very thin layer of high silicon surface layer, ordinary chemical cleaning solution has no effect on it, should use an acidic solution containing fluoride, such as containing ammonium fluoride sulfuric acid - chromic acid mixture solution. When the polishing paste on the surface of the casting is not easily removed, it can be removed by using a clean, soft cloth wheel with some very fine talcum powder to polish it evenly once.


How to extend the life of OEM die casting?

Production maintenance

For die casting manufacturers, OEM die casting must be preheated at the beginning of the production process to prevent the cold mould from suddenly encountering the hot metal fluid and resulting in cracking lines, which can affect the accuracy and quality of OEM die casting.


Rust and corrosion protection

Although OEM die casting is highly resistant to corrosion. However, after the purchase of OEM die casting, it is important to do rust prevention treatment regularly. In order to extend the service life of OEM die casting, it is also important to control the environment in which OEM die casting is used. Long exposure to the outdoor environment wind, sun, dust and other easy to show dirty, will also be easy to affect the use of OEM die casting.


There are different ways to extend the service life of OEM die casting for both manufacturers and users. After you have purchased an OEM die casting, it is important to carry out regular maintenance on it. Replace OEM die castings as necessary to avoid compromising future use.


The development history of OEM die casting

Die casting aluminium is widely used in automobile, electromechanical, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery and other accessories due to its lightness, wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good heat transfer and electrical conductivity, and ability to withstand high temperatures. established a certain scale of die-casting workshop, which laid the foundation for the later development of die-casting technology.


Today, OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production. With the further acceleration of the trend towards economic globalization, it is possible for OEM demanders to select OEM suppliers on a wider scale, especially to countries and regions where processing and manufacturing costs are low. Therefore, the development of OEM die casting is very promising, and the future demand for OEM die casting in society will be increasingly large.

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