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The development trend of OEM die casting

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OEM die casting is a kind of die casting, its biggest characteristic is customization, because of its special structure and nature, it receives a lot of companies and users' favorite. This article will provide a brief introduction and analysis of OEM die casting by introducing the development trend of OEM die casting.

OEM die casting

The main advantages of OEM die casting

The development trend of OEM die casting

The market demand for OEM die casting

The main advantages of OEM die casting


OEM die casting is a type of aluminium casting which has good flowability and plasticity and can produce a variety of die castings with complex shapes, clear contours, deep cavities and thin walls, which are difficult to produce. In other words, OEM die casting can be customised to different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different customers.

Energy saving and environmental friendly

During the production of OEM die casting, all materials used are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, causing no harm or pollution to humans or the environment, and have a high recycling rate and utilisation rate.


The durability of OEM die casting is mainly due to its corrosion and oxidation resistance. Due to the special properties of aluminium, most aluminium alloys have good corrosion resistance in fresh water, sea water, concentrated nitric acid, nitric acid, petrol and various organic substances. Therefore, OEM die casting also has these characteristics.

These are some of the main advantages of OEM die casting. It is important to note that OEM die casting requires regular maintenance as do other aluminium castings. OEM die casting must be ground and polished before maintenance, as this is the only way to effectively achieve the maintenance effect. OEM die casting's service life can be extended.

The development trend of OEM die casting

In recent years, the vast and increasing demand at home and abroad has led to the continuous development of the casting industry in China. With the rising economic status of our country and the continuous development of our casting industry, OEM die casting has started to be exported to overseas. However, the current market demand in China is facing a serious overproduction of castings and vicious competition from die casting manufacturers. It is difficult to meet the market demand for high-end die casting manufacturers in China.

The market demand for OEM die casting

OEM die casting market demand is very large, with the continuous development of industrial technology, OEM die casting related products are emerging. Take our company's OEM die casting Coffee Machine Base as an example, this product is ergonomically designed with an aluminium alloy structure that is smooth, comfortable to the touch and easy to operate, it inherits most of the advantages of OEM die casting.

OEM metal castings are iron castings, steel castings or aluminium castings produced by the foundry according to the drawings and requirements provided by the customer. It is in great demand in the market. And OEM die casting has some advantages that other castings cannot match. We hope that you can learn more about OEM die casting from the above introduction.

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We moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request.




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