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Aluminum alloy die casting lamp housing for led light

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  • Surface treatment of products by die casting manufacturers


    Casting is a metal smelting process in which the gravity of the metal is used to cast the metal in a mould. Aluminum alloy die casting is a cast metal that plays an important role in many fields. Read More
  • What are the key design points of the die casting manufacturer for the product?


    Aluminium alloy die casting has the advantages of high production efficiency, low processing costs, easy mechanical automation in the production process, high dimensional accuracy of the casting, good surface quality and good overall mechanical properties Read More
  • The main manufacturing process of die casting housing.


    Die casting is very important for the development of China's economy. Relevant experts pointed out that the die casting category, that includes low-pressure casting and extrusion casting and other non-ferrous metal casting molding process under various pressure, Read More
  • How to choose die casting housing wisely?


    The die casting process is the combination of die casting machines, die casting alloys and die casting patterns and their application. The process parameters are used to meet the needs of die casting production. Read More
  • The process of making die casting housing


    Die casting is a casting method in which a molten alloy liquid is poured into a press chamber, which fills the cavity of a steel mould at high speed and causes the alloy liquid to solidify under pressure to form a casting. Read More
  • What are the main differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing?


    The die casting housing is a product manufactured by the die casting process and it is used in a wide range of applications. Many people always confuse die casting housing with aluminium housing, thinking that they are the same product. Read More

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