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What are the main differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing?

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The die casting housing is a product manufactured by the die casting process and it is used in a wide range of applications. Many people always confuse die casting housing with aluminium housing, thinking that they are the same product. In this article, we will take stock of the main differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing. At the same time, some basic information about die casting housing will also be mentioned.



What are the surface treatments for die casting housing?

The main differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing

Why use die casting housing?


What are the surface process finishes for die casting housing?


Surface treatment is the process of artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of die casting housing that differs from the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the substrate. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the requirements of die casting housing in terms of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functions. die casting housing is commonly treated with mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, sprayed surfaces, etc.


The main differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing


Process differences

There are fundamental differences between die casting housing and aluminium housing in terms of process manufacturers. Firstly, die casting housing is manufactured by means of a die casting mould. In contrast, a typical aluminium housing is manufactured by stamping and extruding through an extrusion die, also known as the aluminium extrusion process.


Material differences

Die casting housing and aluminium housing, the two material grades used are different, generally die casting housing commonly used materials are alloy materials, usually also called alloy die casting, its melting point is relatively high, easy to stick film, die casting out of the product is required for surface treatment. This makes die casting housing more durable due to the surface treatment.


Many people think that die casting housing and aluminium housing are the same product, but in fact, they are very different. All in all, die casting housing is generally used in the electronics, automotive and motor industries, where it is a little more complete and tough, and is an important part of mechanical components.


Why use die casting housing?


The die casting housing is an inevitable product of the development of the die casting process. Die casting as one of the important metal forming technology, has penetrated into various industrial fields, especially the electronic computer, communication, digital film and television, furniture industry and other products in high demand, as well as all kinds of die casting export volume increased significantly, so that the production scale and pattern of die casting products have structural changes, die casting housing is a typical example. What's more, the use of die casting housing can also reduce the user's operating costs to a certain extent.


In addition to the above mentioned precautions, die casting housing needs to be maintained and cared for in everyday life in order to make die casting housing more durable and beautiful, ltd. was founded in 2004, we moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request. The company's main products are aluminum & zinc alloy & magnesium alloy die casting, cnc machine stam, aluminum alloy TV computer bracket series, LED radiator series, lamp seat, lamp holder series, phone accessories series, hardware series, Motorcycle accessories, kitchen appliances, mould design Ect. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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We moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request.




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