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zinc alloy OEM die casting sofa legs

The process of aluminum die casting begins with the submission of a design that is engineered using CAD software. A prototype is tooled in a shop for inspection and accuracy of the design. Once approved, a permanent, reusable steel die is formed for submission to aluminum die casting production. The die has two parts – the cover half and ejector half that meet at the parting line.

There are two types of die casting – hot chambered and cold chamber. Both methods use molten metal to produce the part. Cold chamber is used when an alloy cannot be injected into a hot chamber device. Hot chamber die casting, or gooseneck machines, uses molten metal that is directly injected into the die.

The method used in the die casting process depends on the melting temperature of the metal where low temperature melts use hot chambered and high temperature ones, such as aluminum, use cold chamber. Aluminum die casting, also known as high pressure casting, begins with spraying a lubricant into the die to control the temperature in the die and assist in removing the molded part. The die is then closed, and molten metal is forced, under pressure, into the die. Pressure is maintained until the part solidifies. Once the finished part is fully formed, the die is opened, and the part is ejected by the ejector pin. Scrap from the process is recycled while the cast part is sent on for final processing where it is inspected for flaws or defects.

Parts from aluminum die casting, regardless of their design, can be easily produced in large quantities at a very low cost per part with exceptional dimensional accuracy and smooth surfaces. Very little machining and polishing is required in the after-casting process.



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