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How to properly maintain zinc alloy die casting?

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Zinc alloy can be divided into cast zinc alloy and deformed zinc alloy according to the manufacturing process. Casting zinc alloy has better fluidity and corrosion resistance and is suitable for different industries such as die casting instruments, auto parts shells, home decoration, etc. Giant we want to introduce the product is zinc alloy die casting, many people do not know how to properly maintain zinc alloy die casting, this article will help you sort out the doubts.


How to maintain zinc alloy die casting?

The requirements of zinc alloy die casting material selection.

What are the characteristics of zinc alloy die casting hardware parts?


How to maintain zinc alloy die casting?



Because the main component of zinc alloy die casting is zinc, and aluminum. They are amphoteric metals, chemical stability is poor, in the humid air is very easy to oxidation, corrosion, so the traditional process is used solvent cleaning, avoid direct rinsing with water lead to zinc alloy oxidation and corrosion again.


Rust prevention

After zinc alloy die casting clean, in order to prevent zinc alloy die casting rust, to apply antirust oil. It is better to apply the anti-corrosion material to the surface at room temperature to prevent side effects from temperature changes.


The above is all information about the maintenance of zinc alloy die casting. zinc alloy die casting quality is important, the zinc alloy grade is different, the quality will be different. We recommend that when selecting zinc alloy die casting, the first choice is a well-known and large scale manufacturers to avoid quality problems with the product.


Zinc alloy die casting material selection requirements.


Our company's requirements for the selection of materials for zinc alloy die casting are very high. First of all, because the main components and impurities in zinc alloy have a large impact on the quality of die casting, should be strictly controlled and mastered. The content of aluminum, copper, magnesium and iron should be appropriate, and there should be no other impurities that may produce intergranular corrosion, which is a prerequisite for the excellent quality of zinc alloy die casting. In addition, during the production of zinc alloy die casting, we have the temperature control of the mold with zinc alloy die casting die surface temperature control is very important for the production of high quality zinc alloy die casting, improper mold temperature will lead to unstable zinc alloy die casting size, and even lead to the emergence of zinc alloy die casting deformation. The zinc alloy die casting is a very important part of the production process.


What are the characteristics of zinc alloy die casting hardware?


Hardware made by zinc alloy die casting has good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance. At the same time, the current domestic market zinc alloy die casting hardware fittings processing more and more sophisticated, which makes zinc alloy die casting hardware fittings of higher and higher precision. At present, industrial production with casting zinc alloy countries have formed their own standards, more standardized. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting hardware fittings have a strict production system both in terms of type and size.


Do you have a better understanding of the maintenance of zinc alloy die casting through the above introduction? HFX Precision Technologies Ltd was established in 2004 and moved to Xigang Town at the end of 2017 due to business and development needs. Our main products are aluminium and zinc alloy and magnesium alloy die casting, CNC machine tool moulds, aluminium alloy TV and computer bracket series, LED radiator series, lamp holder, lamp stand series, mobile phone accessories series, hardware series, motorbike accessories, kitchen appliances, mould design, etc. Our company has strict quality control for any of our products. If you need to know more information about zinc alloy die-casting, please pay attention to us in time.



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