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What are the considerations for using zinc alloy die casting?

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Zinc alloy die casting is an alloy made of zinc with the addition of other elements, such as aluminum, copper and magnesium, which gives it strong physical properties. Zinc alloy die casting plays an important role in many fields. However, many people do not know how to use zinc alloy die casting properly, and this article will take stock of the considerations for using zinc alloy die casting. At the same time, the recommended reasons for using zinc alloy die casting bicycle accessories will also be mentioned in this article.



Precautions for using zinc alloy die casting

Limitations in the use of zinc alloy die casting

Why should I use Zinc alloy die castingBicycle Accessories?


Precautions for using zinc alloy die casting


Pay attention to the working environment

Paying attention to the working environment is an important task for zinc alloy die casting. Zinc alloy die casting should not be used in high and low temperature working environment. Zinc alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature. However, the tensile strength at high temperatures and impact properties at low temperatures are significantly reduced, and too harsh an environment can lead to a reduction in the service life of zinc alloy die casting.


Understand the product characteristics

Due to the wide range of products of zinc alloy die casting, different types of zinc alloy die casting have different characteristics. The quality characteristics of zinc alloy die casting must be carefully studied and mastered when using zinc alloy die casting, because it is an important factor that affects the function of the casting.


Avoiding corrosion

The disadvantage of zinc alloy casting is that it has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to aging during long-term use. We need to prevent rust regularly to prolong its service life.


The use of zinc alloy die casting is also a new type of material that can bring convenience to our interior decoration and manufacturing production, the general use of zinc alloy die casting is probably in about 10 years of time, can not appear rust, but the premise is the correct use of zinc alloy die casting, and regular maintenance of it.


Limitations of zinc alloy die casting in use


The most common defect of zinc alloy die casting is surface blistering. The main manifestation of this condition is that it is found right out of the die casting and becomes visible after polishing or machining, as well as after oil spraying or plating. The main cause of this condition is the porosity and shrinkage mechanism, the porosity tends to be round, while the shrinkage is mostly irregular in shape. This is because zinc alloy die castings are widely used in many fields. Before we buy zinc alloy die casting, we must initially judge the quality of zinc alloy die casting to avoid affecting the use.


Why use Zinc alloy die casting Bicycle Accessories?


In the production process, zinc alloy can die casting production cost is low, so many parts using zinc alloy, Zinc alloy die casting Bicycle Accessories is one of the typical examples. Zinc alloy die casting Bicycle Accessories have a very high cost performance. In terms of appearance, Zinc alloy die casting Bicycle Accessories have a more modern appearance with the addition of aluminum and a unique anodized coating that is more stable than existing coating methods.


Zinc alloy die casting is a representative example of modern technology. Have you learned more about the maintenance of zinc alloy die castings from the above introduction? HFX Precision Technologies Ltd was established in 2004 and moved to Xigang Town at the end of 2017 due to business and development needs. Our main products are aluminium and zinc alloy and magnesium alloy die casting, CNC machine tool moulds, aluminium alloy TV and computer bracket series, LED radiator series, lamp holder, lamp stand series, mobile phone accessories series, hardware series, motorbike accessories, kitchen appliances, mould design, etc. Our company has strict quality control for any of our products. For more information about zinc alloy die-casting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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