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What are the design requirements for die casting housing?

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Pressure casting is a typical representative of modern industrial technology and its principle is not as complex as one might think. The main principle is the pressure injection of the metal fluid. The casting conditions are usually set by means of the speed and pressure on the die casting machine, as well as the switching position of the speed, the rest being selected in the die casting line. In this article, we will take stock of the requirements for the design of die casting housing and give a brief introduction and analysis of die casting housing.


How to check the quality of die casting housing?

The requirements of die casting housing in terms of design.

Structural design requirements for die casting housing.


How to check the quality of die casting housing?


The quality of die casting housing mainly refers to the casting surface roughness, surface quality, dimensional tolerances, form tolerances and quality deviations. die casting housing appearance can be inspected by the naked eye or magnifying glass, generally mainly through the appearance of die casting housing and die casting housing manufacturer's scale to judge. If die casting housing does not have a good surface finish, then it is generally of substandard quality.


The design requirements for die casting housing.


When designing die casting housing, we first consider its practicality. The main factors that determine the practicality are the dimensional accuracy and surface requirements of die casting housing, as well as the correct choice of die casting material. Under the premise of satisfying the function of die casting housing, the reasonable design of die casting, simplify die casting mould structure, reduce die casting cost, reduce die casting defects and improve the quality of die casting parts. Theoretically die casting housing has to meet all the elements of the specification before it can be called qualified.


The structural design requirements of die casting housing.



The die casting manufacturer will keep the die casting housing as simple as possible during the production process and should minimise the flatness of the casting type in order to facilitate demoulding. This design increases production efficiency and reduces operating costs.



The die casting manufacturer needs to ensure that the castings are well formed and that the minimum thickness of the die casting housing exceeds the permitted values.



The cost of raw materials for die casting housing, the equipment required and the cost of production determine the price of die casting housing.


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We moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request.




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