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  • Performance and applications of OEM die casting


    Industrial production can produce many valuable things, and the operation of machinery largely determines how efficient and quality the production is. The help that OEM die casting brings to the operation of machinery can be seen in its wide range of applications. Read More
  • Advantages and disadvantages of OEM die casting


    The die casting process is kept in a high pressure environment, its punching and cooling speed is very fast, a die casting can be produced in just a few seconds, through this process to produce products with high precision, high surface finish, suitable for the production of complex shapes Read More
  • What are the design requirements for die casting housing?


    Pressure casting is a typical representative of modern industrial technology and its principle is not as complex as one might think. The main principle is the pressure injection of the metal fluid. The casting conditions are usually set by means of the speed and pressure on the die casting machine, Read More
  • Notes on the use of aluminium alloy die casting


    Notes on the use of aluminium alloy die casting The demand for industrial aluminium profiles is quite high today because of their many uses and the wide range of applications. Today we would like to introduce a special type of aluminium, which is aluminium alloy die casting. Read More

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