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Notes on the use of aluminium alloy die casting

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The demand for industrial aluminium profiles is quite high today because of their many uses and the wide range of applications. Today we would like to introduce a special type of aluminium, which is aluminium alloy die casting. Aluminium alloy die casting is a very common accessory and it is used in many scenarios. In this article, we will take stock of some of the considerations regarding the use of aluminium alloy die casting, which we hope will help you.



The main application scenarios for aluminium alloy die casting

Why is aluminium alloy die casting so popular?

What are the main applications for aluminium alloy die casting?


The main application scenarios for aluminium alloy die casting

The quality of die casting aluminium products is good and the dimensional accuracy of the castings is high, generally equivalent to class 6 to 7, even up to class 4. In addition, aluminium alloy die casting has some other casting incomparable advantages, such as beautiful, light quality, corrosion resistance and other advantages, so that it is widely favoured by users, especially in the automotive lightweight since, aluminium alloy castings in the automotive industry has been widely used. For example, auto parts. In addition to automotive parts, aluminium alloy casting is also commonly used in computer and TV parts and so on.


Why is aluminium alloy die casting so popular?


In fact, there are many applications for aluminium alloy die casting in the automotive industry other than those mentioned above. Why is aluminium alloy die casting so popular? The properties of the aluminium alloy itself are one of the reasons why aluminium alloy die casting has good corrosion and oxidation resistance. The surface finish of aluminium alloy die castings is good, and they have a high strength and hardness, as well as a high ductility. In addition, aluminium alloy die castings are dimensionally stable and have excellent interchangeability. The demand for aluminium alloy die casting is increasing.


What are the precautions for the use of aluminium alloy die casting?


Maintenance and cleaning

First of all, depending on the environment in which they are used, aluminium alloy die casting products should be regularly maintained and cleaned. In the cleaning process, warm water with lubricant or neutral cleaning agent should be used.



When handling and using aluminium alloy die casting, it is important to avoid bumps and bruises. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the working environment of aluminium alloy die casting to avoid rusting and corrosion of aluminium alloy die casting due to the harsh environment.


Aluminium die casting has many advantages, making it the direction of development of the casting industry and purchasing customers more favourable casting products. With the above description, do you have a better understanding of aluminum alloy die casting? HFX founded in 2004, we moved to xiegang town in 2017. The main products of the company are aluminum zinc alloy magnesium alloy die casting, CNC machine tool stamping parts, aluminum alloy TV and computer bracket series, LED radiator series, lamp holder, lamp holder series, mobile phone accessories series, hardware series, motorbike accessories, kitchen appliances, Mould design, etc. Our aluminum alloy die casting has high production efficiency and is suitable for mass production. If you need to know more about our products, please follow our company.


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