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What are the main characteristics of aluminium alloy die casting?

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The origins of the aluminium alloy die casting process originated in the last century when, due to the demands of social development, the process demanded the development of more durable alloy products. With the development of technology, aluminum alloy die casting process has become one of the most widely used processes in the automotive aluminum alloy forming process. This article will make a brief analysis of aluminium alloy die casting.


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What is aluminium alloy die casting?

The main features of aluminium alloy die casting

How to maintain aluminium alloy die casting?


What is aluminium alloy die casting?


Aluminium alloy die casting is a common industrial alloy. Aluminium alloy die casting is a pressure casting part, which is made by using a pressure casting machinery die casting machine fitted with a casting mould, pouring the aluminium alloy heated to a liquid state into the inlet of the die casting machine and die casting by the die casting machine to cast the aluminium alloy part of the shape and size restricted by the mould. It is worth nothing that aluminium alloy die casting products are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in automotive parts, bathroom accessories, motors, home appliances, hardware and some communication industries.


The main characteristics of aluminium alloy die casting are



Aluminium is stable, resistant to oxidation and has a good surface finish. As a result, aluminium alloy die casting will not rust and is corrosion resistant.



Due to the light weight of aluminium, aluminium alloy die castings are easy to install and maintain.


Cost effective

The aluminium alloy die casting range is very cost effective due to its precise dimensions and surface finish. They are generally used directly without machining or in small quantities, thus increasing the metal utilization rate and reducing the need for large amounts of machining equipment and man-hours. As a result, aluminium alloy die casting has a very high-cost performance ratio.


Due to its special physical properties, aluminium alloy die casting has various advantages such as durability, cost effectiveness and portability. At the same time, the ductility of aluminium makes it easy to design various shapes, which is why it is used in a variety of applications and products.


How to maintain aluminium alloy die casting?


When cleaning aluminium alloy die casting, a neutral detergent should be used to avoid damaging the oxide film on the surface. After cleaning, it is still necessary to dry it in time. Avoid wiping the surface of aluminium alloy die casting with sandpaper, wire brushes or other abrasive materials. Maintenance according to the above maintenance methods will properly extend the life of aluminum alloy die casting.


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