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What is die casting housing?

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Die casting is the process of unifying pressure, speed and time using three elements: machine, mould and alloy. With the gradual development of industrial technology, the die casting process has played a vital role in all major fields. The product we are going to introduce in this article is related to the die casting process, it is die casting housing, many people may not know what die casting housing is, so this article will answer your questions.


What is die casting housing?

The characteristics of die casting housing

How to maintain die casting housing


What is die casting housing?


The die casting housing is a type of housing made of aluminium alloy and other metals with a die casting process. Because of the ease of processing, high flexibility and high grade, die casting housing can effectively increase the added value of the product, to be widely used in the electronics industry. It is worth noting that since die casting housing is made of raw metal with good fluidity and plasticity, and it is processed by casting, die casting housing can be made in various more complex shapes and can meet different scenarios of applications.


Features of die casting housing


Like die casting, die casting housing uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical methods to reduce the surface roughness of aluminium housing workpieces in order to obtain a bright, flat surface. As a result, die casting housing has a very smooth surface. At the same time, due to the special characteristics of the die casting process, this makes die casting housing wear resistant, electrically conductive, reflective and corrosion resistant.


How to maintain die casting housing



die casting housing should be kept clean, dry, free from vibrations and corrosive gases, and away from places with a wide range of temperature variations or magnetic fields. At the same time, it is best not to store die casting housing in a place where other objects are stored. Do not mix with other tools and metal substances to avoid bruising the die casting housing.



If there are burrs on the surface of the die casting housing, it is important to remove the burrs before measuring, otherwise the gauge will be worn and the accuracy of the measurement results will be affected.



The die casting housing should be cleaned in warm water with a lubricant or neutral cleaning agent, not with acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.


In short, die casting housing needs to be maintained and cared for in everyday life, in order to make die casting housing more durable and beautiful, ltd. was founded in 2004, we moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request. The company's main products are aluminum & zinc alloy & magnesium alloy die casting, cnc machine stam, aluminum alloy TV computer bracket series, LED radiator series, lamp seat, lamp holder series, phone accessories series, hardware series, Motorcycle accessories, kitchen appliances, mould design Ect. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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We moved to xiegang town at the end of 2017 for business and development request.




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